Paulina duczman and Maggie Robinson

Paulina Duczman and Maggie Robinson

Last week I had a privilege to participate in the funniest and most motivated workshop I have been so far. It was run by 2 ladies, photographers: Maggie Robinson from Dinky Feet Photography and Paulina Duczman from Paulina Duczman Photography .

 It was located in very magical Talton Lodge in Warwickshire.

Here are some images of that beautiful location:


The mood of this place matched the style of Paulina’s work perfectly.


The interior was vintage and has such a historical character. It was amazing to see these massive paintings on the wall , showing members of the family that own this place.

Back to the workshop itself, it consisted of photography part and IPS part. First day was run by Paulina, who showed us her way of lighting the models, how she stylize them and after the practical part we had a workshop about editing.

It was a privilege  to see Paulina in action again , and see her approach. It was a refresher for me because I already took part in one of her previous workshop in Manchester.



We did a session using studio lights and natural lights.  I can’t bring any details of the workshop due to the private policy. All the information gained during the training can’t be reveal outside.

I edited this portrait following Paulina’s editing workflow. The light was in perfect position, beautiful backdrop, model and outfit made editing easy. There was not a lot to change. This image was just enhanced to reveal its full potential.


Next day was ran by Maggie, who is an IPS expert and she explained with small details how it should be done from the moment of the first contact with clients till the In Person Sale . She wanted to push us to sale wal art with every IPS we do and also explained the value of IPs over online gallery.

Here is the list of topics covered during the trining:

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 15.50.34.png


I loved Paulinas part but Maggie opened my eyes to so many new things and possibilities. She is very powerful person and the information she convey spoke to me deeply. After that few hours with Maggie I gain a bit of faith  that I can achieve more, that I have to work on my business more to be successful and start making money. Finally ! after running my non- profitable business for over 2 years. Well done Maggie, I just hope that all the effort you put into those workshop won’t be wasted in my case .


My plan after this training is:

  1. Work on marketing
  2.  increase visability
  3. work on my website
  4. change my pricelist
  5. order studio sample
  6. concentrate on Instagram and other social media
  7. simplify my workflow and editing
  8. plan ahead for the whole year
  9. attend marketing workshop

Maggie Robinson suggested Nina Mace as the best marketing mentor. So to not waste any time I emailed Nina Mace right after the workshop.


I had to wait for the reply around a week. She is very busy person. I was informed that Nina’s marketing workshop will be held in March in London. It is impossible for me to travel there due to other plans in March. So I started to search on her site for some information about skype sessions. It was mentioned by Maggie that Nina provides that kind of service as well. I found it and booked  first available slot which will be  the beginning of February. I can’t wait to see what Nina would tell me.  I put all my hope into her skills and knowledge. All needs to come together, good photography skills, marketing, sale and good customer service in order to sustain and grow my business.


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